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On-demand Health Workers as a practical solution for maintaining mental and physical health

The COVID-19 pandemic has created various mental and physical health problems, including exhaustion and anxiety. However, hospital patients often struggle to get the care they need due to a shortage of medical personnel. A practical solution to this problem is On-Demand Health Workers. Health Workers On-Demand is a system that allows hospital patients to easily access medical personnel online. Patients can ask for help from medical personnel through an application or website. Available medical personnel include doctors, nurses, and mental health professionals.

One of the main benefits of On-Demand Healthcare is that patients can access healthcare quickly. When patients need urgent care, the app can provide relief quickly. Patients can get the necessary health care quickly. In addition, On-Demand Health Workers also assist patients with mental health aspects. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people feel anxious, stressed and depressed. This system allows patients to access mental health professionals and get the emotional support they need.

Health Personnel On-Demand also provides flexibility in selecting medical personnel. Patients can choose doctors or nurses with certain specialties according to their health conditions. In addition, patients can also choose informal language that is easier to understand when speaking with medical personnel. However, On-Demand Health Workers have some drawbacks. Although medical personnel can provide health care online, some conditions require more intensive care and must be done in person. In addition, the cost of using this system may be more than the cost of getting in-person care.

In conclusion, Health Workers' On-Demand is a practical solution to the problem of shortage of medical personnel in providing health care. This system allows patients to access healthcare quickly and easily and provides the mental health support they need. Even though it has some drawbacks, On-Demand Health Workers can still be a useful alternative for hospital patients who need health care.


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