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Infal Doctor Roles

Dokter Infal

Doctors play an important role in the running of a health care system. In carrying out his practice, doctors have their own role, especially in terms of diagnosing patients. The relationship between doctor and patient must be established with a strong sense of trust in order to create a good health service. The relationship in which a person provides treatment to people who need it. Doctors or other health workers who work in the health sector, especially in hospitals, function as health facilities in the aspect of providers who can provide health services to the recipients, namely patients. These two things will form a relationship that is called a medical, legal, and moral relationship. In this case, the hospital as a health service provider has a function to organize service efforts that have healing properties and also restore patient health in order to improve health status.

The relationship between hospitals and health workers, especially doctors, is a relationship in the professional field that is bound by an ethic. In this case, the doctor will be bound by a medical ethics. Services provided by a doctor facilitated by a hospital allow for a relationship to form in a transaction, namely a therapeutic transaction. The transaction is a relationship that involves each individual with a relationship called a health care provider which is a contractual relationship. The application of therapeutic transactions is an important matter because in the health sector, doctors and the public are aware of the impossibility of doctors guaranteeing that treatment efforts will always succeed as desired. However, thus the doctors are obliged to provide all the competence and effort they have in curing patients with utmost care and thoroughness.

The definition of a doctor according to the Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI) is a graduate of medical education who is an expert in disease and its treatment. When a patient hears the word doctor, the thing that will be pictured is the form of the doctor himself. According to Michael Hecht, the doctor is the main link between the individual and society. Just like other health workers, doctors who work for long periods of time will experience a phase known as burnout. If this happens for a long time, it will allow the quality of the health services provided to decrease. As a result, the initial goal of increasing the degree and quality of good health for the community will experience obstacles.

To reduce this, doctors also need the role of a substitute doctor so that their duties in providing health services can still be carried out as they should without reducing the quality of services provided. Currently, there are many service delivery bureaus engaged in the health sector to channel competent and professional health workers, including doctors. In medical practice that is held based on an agreement between the doctor and the patient, doctors generally have a predetermined practice schedule, both practicing in hospitals and in private clinics so that they know when doctors practice and with whom they will seek treatment. However, on several occasions, if the doctor is unable to attend on a predetermined schedule, the doctor can be replaced by another doctor to practice on the condition that the substitute doctor must already have a SIP. This has been regulated in the Law on medical practice article 40 paragraph 1 which states that "a doctor or dentist who is unable to practice medicine must make a notification or appoint a substitute doctor or dentist.

It's the same with doctors who work with home visits. A home visit doctor or doctor who comes to a patient's house is a doctor who handles various health complaints. Home doctor services from homecare providers will definitely choose the best doctor for the patient's needs. As with other health workers, this home visit doctor will work according to the time period agreed by the client. Some of the services that will be provided by a home visit doctor include determining appropriate treatment or care based on the patient's medical needs, evaluating the patient's condition periodically, making a health recommendation that has been adjusted to the patient's health condition, and also the patient does not have to wait long as usual. at the hospital, because the home visit doctor will come to the house. Services provided by home visit doctors can be tailored to patients, such as elderly, emergency, children, and others.


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