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  • Fitria Ramadhanti, Ns.


Perawat infal

Nurses are one of the health workers who have an important role in providing health services. Nurses themselves have a role that is different from other health professions. The definition of a nurse according to the 2009 Health Law is every person who devotes himself in the health sector who has the knowledge and competence by taking education in the health sector to have the authority to carry out health efforts. Meanwhile, another definition from the International Council of Nursing (ICN) a nurse who has successfully completed her education in the field of nursing where every condition has been fulfilled so that she has the authority in the country to provide health services and is able to be responsible for improving the quality of health services, disease prevention, and patient care.

In carrying out their duties, nurses are divided into several types of units. The types of units are inpatient units, outpatient units, emergency units, intensive care units, etc. Of the various types of units, the duties and functions of nurses experience slight differences according to which unit they occupy. In the inpatient unit itself, it is a unit where one part of the clinical service serves all patients whose conditions require further treatment for one to two days. According to the Ministry of Health in 1987, the inpatient room is a service room for patients admitted to the hospital who occupy beds for treatment, diagnostic therapy, medical rehabilitation, and other medical services. While inpatient nurses themselves are nurses who work in inpatient care units and are able to provide appropriate nursing care according to the conditions experienced by patients. The inpatient unit is a unit that cannot be separated from the hospital setting because this unit is the fundamental of the services provided by the hospital to patients.

In practice, all health workers certainly have the capacity to complete their duties. All health workers cannot continue to carry out their duties for a long time without rest. If this is not paid attention to properly, it will cause burnout in nurses. If nurses experience prolonged burnout, it will result in the services provided not being maximized. Therefore, nurses need time to rest for a certain period of time. To continue to complete their duties, nurses still need inpatient infal nurses to replace the role of permanent nurses to continue to carry out their duties in providing nursing care to patients. According to some sources, the definition of infal nurse itself is a substitute nurse who replaces other nurses within a certain period of time. The word infal itself comes from the word invaller from Dutch which means substitute, replacement, person, or thing that takes the place of another.

Infal nurses in carrying out their duties, are not only in the hospital to replace the main nurse who is on leave or on vacation. However, currently infal nurses are also in charge of homecare services which are tasked with caring for patients at home. Homecare patients who usually use the services of inhalation nurses are elderly patients, infants, or patients with chronic conditions that require more monitoring at home. The main task of the infal nurse is to ensure that the patient's needs can be filled, starting from the drug administration schedule, nutritional intake, and other treatments. The work system for inpatient infal nurses is calculated daily and the length of service is adjusted according to service users. Infal nurse services can usually be found at company that providing health worker services. The benefits of using the services of infal nurses are that patients can get 24-hour service, nurses have qualified competence and experience, the care services provided can be filled, services can be used by all people who need them, and the process of ordering services is easy.



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