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Healthpro. id Selected as One of the TOP 10 Health Innovations in 2023

Healthpro. id, a leading health platform in Indonesia, has been recognized as one of the best health technology innovators at the Health Innovation Day 2023 event. This event was organized by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia (Kemenkes RI) with support from various related parties.

Health Innovation Day 2023 is an event that aims to encourage and appreciate innovation in the field of health technology in Indonesia. At the event, the Indonesian Ministry of Health selected the 15 best health technology innovators who would participate in the regulatory sandbox program. Healthpro. Id made it into the top 10 of these innovators. is a health platform that offers on-demand healthcare professionals to healthcare facilities and patients in need. The platform's goal is to provide healthcare services to more than 28 million people who require advanced home care.

Healthpro. id's success in getting into the TOP 10 Health Innovation Day 2023 shows the platform's significant contribution to increasing the accessibility and quality of health services in Indonesia. Using sophisticated technology and innovation, Healthpro. Id provides practical and effective solutions for the community in maintaining health and getting the medical services they need.

This acknowledgment also confirms the commitment of the Indonesian Ministry of Health to support and encourage the development of health technology in Indonesia. The Indonesian Ministry of Health is aware of technology's great potential in improving the quality of health services, reducing disparities in access, and increasing the efficiency of the health system as a whole. The regulatory sandbox program allows selected innovators to test and develop their healthcare technology solutions in a safe and controlled environment. This will help them meet the regulatory requirements needed to gain official recognition and operate in the Indonesian healthcare market.

By receiving the TOP 10 Health Innovation Day 2023 award, has proven its potential and quality as an innovative health platform in Indonesia. This success will be an encouragement for Healthpro. Id to continue to develop and improve its services to have a more significant positive impact on the people of Indonesia.


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