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Health Workers On-Demand: Smart Solutions to Reduce Hospital Queues

Antrian Rumah Sakit

You must have felt how hard it is to queue at the hospital for health services. The queue to register, queue to check, queue for treatment, and even queue to pick up prescription drugs. It all takes quite a bit of time and can be very annoying. However, now there is a smart solution that can reduce queues at the hospital, namely On-Demand Health Workers.

The concept of On-Demand Health Workers is simple. Patients can contact health workers who are ready to work according to the patient's needs and schedule. So, if a patient wants to check himself at night or on holiday, he no longer needs to wait until the hospital reopens. Patients can directly contact health workers who are available and ready to help.

The health workers available in the On-Demand Health Workforce concept consist of various health workers, such as doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other health professionals. Patients can choose health workers according to their needs and the type of service needed. For example, if a patient needs regular health check-ups, he or she can choose a general practitioner. However, if the patient has a sore throat or flu, he can choose a nurse or pharmacist to get the appropriate drug recommendations.

With On-Demand Health Workers, patients can save time and costs. Patients no longer need to pay for parking or transportation to the hospital. Patients also do not need to spend money registering at the hospital because all services can be done online. In addition, On-Demand Health Workers also help reduce the risk of spreading viruses or diseases. Patients do not need to interact directly with other people in the hospital to minimize the risk of transmitting the virus or disease. However, remember that On-Demand Health Workers are no substitute for hospitals or other health facilities. If the patient has a condition requiring more serious medical treatment or complicated medical procedures, the patient still needs to visit a hospital or other health facility.

In conclusion, Health Workers On-Demand is a smart solution to reduce hospital queues. The concept is simple, easy to use, and helps save time and money. However, it is also important to remember that this solution must maintain the role of hospitals or other health facilities in providing optimal health services.


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