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  • Elizabeth Tirta Santoso

Advantages of Using Technology-Based On-Demand Health Worker Services

Tenaga Kesehatan On-demand

In Indonesia, the use of technology in on-demand health worker services is still in its infancy but has experienced a significant increase in recent years. Some of the on-demand health worker services that use advanced technology that already exists or are being developed in Indonesia include:

  1. Teleconsultation: Teleconsultation services allow patients to consult with doctors or medical personnel online through a digital platform. Patients can access medical consultations from home or elsewhere, without having to go to a physical health facility. Several teleconsultation platforms have been launched in Indonesia, allowing patients to consult general practitioners, specialist doctors, or other medical personnel via video call or chat.

  2. Health Apps: Several health apps in Indonesia provide on-demand health workers services, such as apps that allow patients to order medicine online, arrange doctor appointments, or access health information. These health applications often use electronic medical recording technology and algorithms to provide users with relevant, personalized health information.

  3. Health Monitoring Services: Several on-demand health monitoring services have also been introduced in Indonesia. For example, blood pressure, blood sugar, or heart rate monitoring devices are connected to a mobile phone application that allows users to independently monitor their health conditions and provide data to medical personnel.

  4. Digital Health Platforms: Several digital health platforms in Indonesia provide on-demand health workers services, such as platforms that connect patients with doctors, pharmacies, or the nearest health facility. These platforms often use electronic medical recording technologies, teleconsultation, and algorithms to connect users with healthcare providers that match their needs.

  5. Mental Health Services: On-demand health worker services can also involve mental health services. Several platforms have been introduced in Indonesia, allowing patients to access mental health counseling or therapy services online via tele-consultation or health applications.

However, even though the use of technology in on-demand health worker services in Indonesia continues to grow, there are still challenges that need to be overcome, such as regulation, data privacy, limited internet access in some areas, as well as public education and awareness about the benefits and use of technology in health. Therefore, it is necessary to cooperate between the government, health service providers, and the community because the existence of technology-scale on-demand health worker services can provide the following benefits:

  1. With teleconsultation technology, people can easily access health services from anywhere and anytime without attending an in-person visit to a health facility. This is especially beneficial for those who live in remote areas, have limited mobility, or need quick and easy access to health services.

  2. Also, using electronic medical records in on-demand health worker services can increase the efficiency of administrative processes and medical data management. Well-documented and easily accessible medical data can help make clinical decisions more quickly and accurately. In addition, technology can reduce travel and administrative costs associated with physical visits to health facilities.

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