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  • Elizabeth Tirta Santoso

Advantages of Using Home Care Services from Hospitals

Terapi oleh perawat di rumah

In 2023, the demand for on-demand health workers such as nurses or other medical personnel has increased, in line with population growth, urbanization, and awareness of health services' importance. Contributing factors include an increase in the number of patients requiring home care, an increase in the number of health facilities, and the demand for health services that are more flexible and according to individual needs.

The increased demand can also be attributed to the increasing level of concern regarding the care being undertaken at the hospital, which includes: high costs of care, patients who feel anxious or worried about environmental differences and separation between family and environment, difficulty making medical decisions due to miscommunication with the medical team, contracting a contagious infection from one patient to another, to the point that there is concern about side effects or risks of medical procedures being undertaken at the hospital which include surgical procedures, invasive procedures or potential side effects of drug use.

Therefore, due to anxiety and concern from the community, innovation emerged regarding on-demand health workers who offer home care services at home by presenting certified professional doctors and nurses. Using home care services from a hospital can prevent disease transmission between patients to other patients at the hospital, such as nosocomial infections (infections acquired while in the hospital that can be acquired when the immune system is weak), such as urinary tract infections. , skin and soft tissue infections, respiratory infections, and infections due to medical procedures related to catheters or during surgery.

However, that does not mean that hospital care is dangerous for patients because several modern hospitals have been well managed by implementing strict infection control protocols and taking several prevention and control measures such as:

  1. Good hand washing

  2. Use personal protective equipment by medical personnel

  3. Environmental control

  4. Educate patients, families, and medical staff about the importance of maintaining good hygiene and preventing the spread of disease.


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