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  • Elizabeth Tirta Santoso

Can On-Demand health workers improve their quality of life? What's the effect?

Perawat freelance, Perawat on-demand

On-Demand health workers are health services that enable patients to access health services anytime and anywhere through digital technology. Their work can be very demanding, as they may have to work irregular hours and are often not entitled to benefits such as health insurance or paid time off. In this case, health workers can be doctors, nurses, or other health professionals who can provide health services through telemedicine or other digital platforms.

Regarding the On-Demand workforce, On-Demand health workers can help improve the quality of life by providing available health workers anytime and anywhere. It can help speed up the treatment of health problems and reduce long waiting times in hospitals or clinics.

In terms of health, On-Demand health workers can help improve the quality of life by providing health services that are fast, precise, and easily accessible. For example, one can quickly consult a doctor through a mobile application or website to get a diagnosis and treatment for a health condition. It can help prevent more severe health problems and speed overall recovery.

In addition, On-Demand health workers can help strengthen the health system by increasing access to health services, especially for those who live in remote or hard-to-reach areas. It can help correct health inequalities and improve the quality of life for the less fortunate. On-Demand health services should be known as additional services that can help improve access to health services and strengthen the health system.


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