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A Practical Solution to Addressing the Shortage of Medical Personnel with Infectious Health Workers

infectious health workers

It is no longer a secret that we face a shortage of medical personnel in hospitals or clinics. Long queues and long waiting times cause discomfort for patients and create a heavy workload for existing medical personnel. To overcome this problem, a practical solution that can be done is to use Infal Health Workers.

Infal Health Workers are health workers who can be employed flexibly and be called at any time. They usually have sufficient experience and skills to provide basic health services to patients in hospitals or clinics. Infal Health Workers can be called upon to replace temporarily vacant medical staff positions so as not to interfere with running health services.

The advantage of using Infal Health Workers is that they can help reduce the workload for existing medical personnel. Infal Health Workers can also be hired according to the needs and availability in hospitals or clinics. So, if a medical worker cannot work for some reason, an Infal Health Worker can be hired as a temporary replacement. In addition, the use of Infal Health Workers can also help reduce operational costs for hospitals or clinics. They are usually employed flexibly, so they don't have to pay the full salary like regular medical workers. This can reduce operational costs, especially for hospitals or clinics under development.

However, some drawbacks need to be considered in using Infal Health Workers. One of these areas for improvement is the need for more quality assurance of health services. Infal Health Workers usually have a different experience than permanent medical personnel, so some services may not be provided optimally. In addition, Infal Health Workers also have a high risk of medical errors. They may need to become more familiar with the work system or standard operating procedures in certain hospitals or clinics, so they can make mistakes in providing health services.

Even so, using Infal Health Workers remains a practical solution to overcome the shortage of medical personnel in hospitals or clinics. With proper regulation and supervision, Infal Health Workers can help reduce long queues and provide adequate health services for patients. Thus, hospitals or clinics can provide better health services for the community.


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