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  • Elizabeth Tirta Santoso

Mudik is calmer with assistance from on-demand healthcare workers

Mudik aman dengan Tenaga kesehatan On-demand

Mudik is a tradition of traveling back to the village commonly carried out by Indonesians, especially when approaching holidays such as Eid. During homecoming, many people travel from the city where they live to their hometown or place of origin to gather with their families and celebrate holidays together. Mudik in Indonesia is often accompanied by a high traffic volume on the roads, especially on the main routes connecting big cities with the destinations of mudik. This may cause traffic jams, accidents or other disturbances in transit. Traffic density during homecoming can increase the risk of traffic accidents. Factors such as fatigue, long-distance travel policies in a short time, and road conditions that may not be optimal in some areas can increase the risk of an accident.

Therefore, assistance from on-demand health workers can be a good choice for family members who need health care during homecoming, especially if they have medical conditions that require special attention. On-demand health workers are medical services available flexibly and can be accessed anytime by medical personnel who come to the homecoming destination or through telemedicine services. In addition, assistance from on-demand health workers can provide a sense of security and comfort for family members who need health care because they can get the necessary medical care without seeking or facing the risk of disease transmission at public medical facilities during homecoming.

Therefore, it is essential for people who plan to travel to Indonesia to pay attention to the factors above and prepare for their trip correctly. Following applicable safety regulations and protocols, such as ensuring vehicle readiness, arranging sufficient travel schedules, avoiding fatigue, and following recommended health protocols, such as wearing a mask, maintaining distance, and maintaining hand hygiene, are essential to maintain safety and comfort during homecoming in Indonesia. One of the On-demand health worker services that can be trusted to deal with worries during homecoming is Healthpro. This health service can connect qualified health workers and is available 24/7, so we don't have to worry about maintaining health for ourselves and family members who need assistance during Eid or perhaps having to leave for homecoming due to medical needs.


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