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Technology determines people's health through data.

Technology has been critical in advancing healthcare, primarily through improved data management. In 2023, various innovations in health data management systems have become the main driving force in realizing the concept of on-demand health workers.

One of the newest health data management systems is Blockchain technology. Blockchain is used to store and track patient data in a secure and immutable manner. This provides much-needed data integrity in industrial healthcare and gives patients more control over their data. This technology also enables efficient and secure data exchange between various parties in the health system.

The benefits of this health data management system are enormous for public health.

  • First, case handling can be more efficient and precise with easy and fast access to health data. For example, doctors can quickly understand a patient's medical history in emergencies and make the right decision.

  • Second, the system improves healthcare efficiency, reduces bureaucracy and waiting times, and facilitates coordination between healthcare providers. This is especially important in Indonesia, where health infrastructure continues to develop, and efficiency is the key to achieving equitable access to health.

  • Finally, with increased access and efficiency, overall public health can improve. Patients have better access to health services, can get the care they need more quickly, and ultimately, better health outcomes can be achieved.

In conclusion, a health data management system based on the latest technology, such as Blockchain, not only helps realize the concept of on-demand health workers but also contributes to improving public health and the efficiency of health services in Indonesia.


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