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Exploring the Potential of On-Demand Health Services to Improve Children's Health

On-demand health services have become an important innovation in providing easier and faster access to health services, especially for children. With this service, parents can quickly contact health workers without having to wait long at the hospital or clinic. Here are some of the potentials of on-demand health services in improving children's health:

  1. Quick Medical Consultation: Parents can quickly contact a doctor or nurse to get a medical consultation without having to wait in line at the clinic. This allows early diagnosis and prompt treatment of children's health problems.

  2. Health Education: On-demand health services can also provide health education to parents about how to care for children properly, prevent disease, and recognize symptoms of disease that need to be watched out for.

  3. Routine Health Monitoring: With on-demand health services, parents can easily monitor their children's health routinely, such as measuring body temperature or blood pressure, and send the results to health workers for evaluation.

  4. Administering Vaccinations: On-demand healthcare services can also be used to provide vaccinations to children regularly according to the recommended schedule.

  5. Psychological Counselling: Children also need attention to their mental health. On-demand health services can provide psychological counseling to children who need it.

With these potentials, on-demand health services can be an effective solution in improving children's health. However, it should be noted that the use of this service must still be accompanied by supervision and guidance from competent health personnel to ensure that children receive care that suits their needs.


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