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The Role of the Family as a Supporter in Integrating On-Demand Health Services for TB Patients

In an effort to integrate on-demand health services for Tuberculosis (TB) patients, the role of the family has a big impact in ensuring the success of treatment. The family is not only an observer, but also an important partner in achieving the goals of effective care.

One of the family's key roles is to facilitate TB patients' access to on-demand health services. They can help patients use technology, access health apps, and understand remote care processes. With family support, TB patients can feel more confident and helped in utilizing on-demand services.

Family also acts as a pillar of emotional support. The TB treatment process can be a major physical and psychological challenge. Families who provide moral and emotional support can improve patient well-being, motivate them to remain consistent with treatment, and overcome stigmatization that may arise.

In addition, families can also help monitor patient compliance with treatment. By using on-demand health services, families can together follow the patient's progress, ensure that medication is taken according to plan, and provide information to the health team in real-time if there are changes in conditions.

Family integration in on-demand healthcare services for TB patients creates a holistic and sustainable care environment. With the involvement of families as care partners, on-demand health services can have a more positive impact in efforts to treat and control Tuberculosis.

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