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Improving Access to Health through Infectious Health Workers in Hospitals or Clinics

Tenaga kesehatan infal untuk rumah sakit dan klinik

Adequate access to health is a fundamental right of every individual. However, in many areas, predominantly rural or remote, access to quality health services still needs improvement. One approach adopted to address this problem is using inhalational health workers in hospitals or clinics. Infectious health workers are professionals in public health facilities to provide essential patient services.

This article will discuss how to increase access to health through the role of infant health workers and the benefits that can be generated. Infectious health workers, such as nurses or midwives, are essential in increasing access to health. They are trained to provide critical health services such as wound care, emergency treatment, vaccination, pregnancy and childbirth care, and health education to the community. By being placed in a hospital or clinic, they can immediately respond to the health needs of people in the surrounding area and provide the services they need without having to travel far.

Benefits of Increasing Health Access:

  • Increased availability of health services: With inhalational health workers in hospitals or clinics, access to essential health services becomes easier for the community. They no longer need to travel long distances or face geographical barriers to get treatment.

  • Reducing maternal and infant mortality: Inhale health workers trained in pregnancy and childbirth care can significantly contribute to reducing maternal and infant mortality. They can provide prenatal care, facilitate safe delivery, and provide appropriate postnatal care.

  • Improved early detection of disease: Infectious health workers can be the watchful eyes and ears of the community. They can recognize early signs of illness and direct patients to more advanced health facilities. This allows early detection of disease and more effective treatment.


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