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Homecare Nurse Role

Perawat Homecare

At this time, the role of health workers will experience development. Likewise with nurses, actually nurses work in hospitals. However, currently the role of nurses has experienced many innovations, not only working in hospitals but also as homecare nurses. In this role, there is actually no significant difference between nurses on duty at the hospital and homecare nurses. The thing that makes the difference is the place where he will be assigned. Homecare nurses will certainly be assigned to move according to the residence of the patient who uses the homecare service. Another difference is that in terms of working hours and working hours, homecare nurses usually do not undergo a shift system like nurses in hospitals. Usually, homecare nurses can work 24 hours a day because the patient's condition requires close monitoring. The term for a homecare nurse is usually not too long, depending on the agreement made between the homecare nurse and the patient.

Homecare itself is a health service that is carried out in a comprehensive manner that is provided to the patient's family to clients or individuals in their place of residence (home). According to the National Association for Homecare, homecare services are provided whenever and wherever a person needs continuous care, which is neither easy nor effective if done independently with family or friends. The following are the benefits and conveniences provided when using homecare care services:

  • Homecare will provide security and comfort for the family, because it works in an environment that can be supervised by the family.

  • Treatment provided by homecare can last 24 hours and it is focused on 1 client.

  • Services provided by homecare is provided confidence in the quality and quality of care to patients, because the health workers who will be on duty already have good competence and professionalism.

  • Homecare services will provide better privacy for patients because they are carried out at the patient's residence, so that privacy is better maintained.

  • Homecare services ensure the success of the health education provided, nurses can provide reinforcement or improvement in the implementation of care provided by the family.

Homecare nurses are usually assigned to care for elderly patients, patients with chronic illness conditions that require extra supervision, infant patients, and so on. The following are examples of homecare care services:

  • Postoperative care services

  • Wound care services

  • Elderly care services

  • Baby care services

Homecare care practices can be carried out if there is collaboration between homecare nurses, clients, and homecare service providers. The following is a description of the practice of homecare care:

  • Homecare nursing services provider

Manager or provider of homecare nursing services is a unit that has responsibility for all management of homecare care. The preparations include the provision of personnel, facilities and equipment as well as service mechanisms in accordance with established standards.

  • Care Provider

In this case, service providers include professional nursing staff who are assisted by other professional and non-professional staff.

  • Clients

In this case the client is someone who will receive health care at home which also involves a family member as the person in charge representing the client.

From the explanation above, it can be concluded that the use of homecare nurse services has more benefits for patients who need special care at home. These days, there are many trusted home care service providers, and provide health workers, especially professional nurses for clients.


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