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Effortlessly connects health workers to your facilities and patients

Help your Facilities deliver better patient outcomes


Infal, Temp Workers

This service provides additional health workers for healthcare facilities such as hospitals, clinics, and labs. It covers gaps in shifts, leave, work overload, and events.



What they say about us.

PT Kawan Lama
Fast, Easy and Responsive
Healthcare workers from HealthPro provide excellent and satisfying services, making us confident to collaborate again.
RS Columbia Asia
Simple and Ready Anytime
Their services were simple, fast, and available anytime I needed them. I highly recommend Healthpro to anyone in need of quality healthcare
Salam Homecare
Homecare Agency
Quality home healthcare Workers
comprehensive end-to-end hiring process, ensuring that the healthcare workers are fully curated and meet the highest quality standards

Working With the Best Clients and Partners

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Our Talent

Healthpro medical team in safe hands.

Theresia Bora.png
Theresia Bora
Assisting elderly patients. Administering inhalation therapy as needed, providing medication, and fulfilling patient ADL needs.
Yayan Mulyana.png
Yayan Mulyana
Assistance for elderly lung disease patients with ADL, health monitoring, and medication administration.
Nissa Atqia.png
Nissa Atqia
Implemented nursing care for patients as a practical nurse in a clinic.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Healthpro medical team in safe hands.

Healthpro medical team in safe hands.

  • What is Healthpro?
    What is Healthpro?Healthpro is a company that specializes in supplying healthcare workers, who can assist healthcare facilities and companies in meeting their on-demand healthcare staffing needs.
  • How does Healthpro work?
    The client submits service requirements to Healthpro, who matches candidates to qualifications. Healthpro also provides end-to-end services for recruitment, orientation, maintenance, and ensuring that employees work according to SOPs and reporting.
  • How can Healthpro assist health facilities or companies in meeting the needs of health workers?
    Healthpro can help activate homecare systems at facilities and companies, and provide healthcare workers such as doctors, nurses, caregivers, babysitters, and physiotherapists to fill shift vacancies due to leave, work overload, or events requiring additional staff.
  • What products does Healthpro offer?
    Invaller provides health workers to fill shift vacancies and additional health workers for specific events. HMS (Home Management System) meets the supply needs of health workers for home healthcare. Head-hunting provides health workers for full-time positions at health facilities.
  • What benefits can be obtained by working with Healthpro?
    Simple, fast, and ready anytime. No risk, pay per need. Fully managed by Healthpro. Qualified health workers. 100% guarantee.

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